Equi Products Holland

Equi Products Holland | Wirtz-Farma BV is a wholesaler of veterinary products to Veterinary Hospitals, Equine Surgeons, Veterinary Practitioners and specialised licensed pharmacists.

Equi Products Holland | Wirtz-Farma BV supplies European registered veterinary products for small animals to veterinarians and pharmacists all over Europe and abroad.

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Equi Products additionally offers a range of products to fulfil the “one stop shop” principle. We stock the following miscellaneous products: Bandages, Hoof Bags, Aluminium-spray, wound care and protection products, disposable syringes and cannulas and needles.

Our cascade arrangement allows us to provide you with products that may be difficult to obtain in your country. Please reach out to us via (tel) or (email) to find out what the possibilities are and how we can help you bring the best care to your animals.

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